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The One to One Consumer Marketing Podcast is dedicated to helping modern marketing teams succeed in a messaging-first and privacy-first world. In each episode, we’ll interview a marketer who is winning with consumer marketing to distill best practices, lessons learned, and actionable tips to help B2C marketers survive and thrive in the future. This show is brought to you by

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Tuesday Dec 19, 2023

Max speaks with Álvaro Castañeda, Head of CRM and Customer Service at Freepik Company. They discuss how Freepik starts their personalization efforts as soon as the customer registers, how they manage their data, and how they use mission-driven teams to accomplish a common goal. They also talk about the challenges to CRM today, how AI can be a tool to enhance CRM, and what channels will be important in the future.
Topics discussed:
Why Freepik begins personalization as soon as a customer registers, and the importance of onboarding.
How Freepik engages with customers to move them from freemium to premium.
What tech stack Freepik uses and how they manage their data.
How Freepik uses mission-driven teams to align across departments on common goals.
The biggest challenges to CRM today, including AI, data privacy, and staying relevant.
What channels will be most important and effective in the future, like the website and email.
Advice for young marketers that includes learning how to engage with customers by starting your own mini-business.

Tuesday Dec 12, 2023

Max speaks with Rick Loughery, VP Global Marketing & Communications at GoPro. They discuss how GoPro identifies customer niches and speaks authentically to them, how they support their influencers, and why they're "on the ground" with customers to learn more from them. They also talk about the strategies GoPro uses for retention, the importance of knowing how to show up on platforms, and what the future looks like with “more informed data.”
Topics discussed:
GoPro's strategy of identifying niches and talking authentically to them, and then evolving that outreach as consumer marketing trends change. 
Why true engagement means going where your customers are and interacting with them "on the ground."
The approaches GoPro takes to retention through providing video editing tools, motivational content, and rewards.
The importance of knowing how to show up on platforms for engagement, not just post content.
How personalization centers around being able to speak authentically to specific audiences.
Advice for marketers today, including the importance of staying agile and having fun.
Why the future of consumer marketing will be built on "more informed data."

Tuesday Dec 05, 2023

Max speaks with Jeanniey Walden, Senior VP, Chief Marketing Officer at RITE AID. They discuss the early days of marketing and what it was like working on the first personalized email campaign, to how generative AI is supporting marketers with strategy, research, and brand building today. They also talk about what data RITE AID leverages to inform marketing strategies, the importance of working across teams, and why marketers need to speak business language for impact and influence.
Topics discussed:
The story of how Jeanniey worked on the first personalized email campaign and how email has become our digital identifier.
Why marketers should continue to improve their personalization efforts and how generative AI can help with research and brand building.
A day-in-the-life of a CMO and its focus around listening to the community and making changes based on feedback.
What data RITE AID is tracking to help them better understand the customer journey and how they're leveraging it to improve campaigns.
The importance of working across teams to create the best customer experiences.
Why the best thing marketers can do in their career is learn how to translate "marketing speak" to financial language that CEOs, CFOs, and boards will understand.
What tech trends are influencing marketing today and why strategy should be built around a deep knowledge of your customer.

Sunday Nov 19, 2023

Max speaks with Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer; President, Healthcare Business at Mastercard. They discuss how marketers today should rethink traditional approaches like the purchase funnel and loyalty programs and start focusing on "preference management" instead. They also talk about what technology is shaping marketing, how new tech stacks will develop, and why augmented reality is the next game changer.
Topics discussed:
Why we need to challenge the classical principles of marketing and reimagine them for today's customer behaviors and technology — as outlined in Raja's book Quantum Marketing: Mastering the New Marketing Mindset for Tomorrow's Consumers.
Why traditional approaches like the purchase funnel and loyalty programs are no longer working, and what to do instead.
How to create stickiness by taking a "preference management" approach to tracking and engaging customers.
Why we'll see a new breed of marketing tech stacks developed by up-in-coming companies — not run by the tech giants.
Why augmented reality will be the next big tech game changer in marketing in its ability to deliver value to customers.
How Raja made the shift from being an engineer to marketing when overhearing a cosmetic advertising campaign and stepping in to suggest a better one.

Tuesday Nov 07, 2023

Max speaks with Stephanie Horton, Senior Director of Global Consumer Marketing, Commerce at Google. They discuss how marketers should meet customers where they are on various channels, why you should focus on testing and experimenting with your channel mix, and how customer retention comes from solving customer pain points. They also talk about working with your product team to create the customer journey, how to get creative when there are budget constraints, and why marketers should prioritize gaining experience, not job titles.
Topics discussed:
The path of Stephanie's career, from starting in finance, to becoming CMO of Farfetch, to Google inviting her to become the Senior Director of Global Consumer Marketing.
How to effectively approach your channel mix, and why it's crucial to try new channels, yet test and learn as you go.
The importance of retention and solving customer pain points, especially at a maturing brand like Google.
How the marketing team works with the product team to understand the customer journey and create a better value proposition.
Why the biggest challenge to marketing today is constrained budgets, and how that can push you to be creative.
Advice to young marketers on why it's better to chase after experiences than job titles.

Tuesday Oct 17, 2023

Max speaks with Doug Vosik, Senior VP of Marketing & Communications/CMO at the Houston Texans football team. They discuss how to build fan engagement, including the necessity of changing the message depending on whether the team wins or loses, and the complexity involved in satisfying each fan's unique needs. They also talk about how the back office integrated data feeds into real-time dashboards and what the future of channel optimization will look like.
Topics discussed:
Doug's journey to sports marketing after working at Virgin, and why a sneaker obsession helped him get his foot in the door.
The variety of verticals that a CMO of a sports team interacts with on a daily basis, from classic marketing functions, to community engagement, to entertainment at the stadium.
How engaging fans changes depending on whether the team is winning or losing and how lifecycle marketing is driving fans to become season ticket holders.
How taking a chance on a fun marketing video turned a team's season around.
The "complexity of satisfaction" and why you need data to learn what each fan wants and how to cater to it.
How the Texans' SVP of Business Analytics collected their data feeds into one real-time dashboard on Tableau.
Where the future of marketing channels is going and the importance of moving away from channels that are dying to channels where fans actually spend their time.

Wednesday Oct 04, 2023

Max speaks with Gabrielle Valdez Dow, VP, Marketing & Fan Engagement at the Green Bay Packers football team. They discuss how the Packers create personalized experiences for their fans across digital channels and in the stadium, how they adjust their messaging based on wins or losses, and how they're tracking the "driveway-to-driveway" fan journey to increase engagement. They also talk about what channels are most successful, advice for marketers, and what the future of fan engagement will look like.
Topics discussed:
The necessity of retaining and engaging sports fans year round, not just during the season.
The ways in which the Packers adjust their messaging after wins or losses in order to continue to engage fans.
The success of different mediums for the Packers and how to measure successful fan engagement across platforms.
How to create personalization across various channels like email and app, and the potential for personalization in more passive channels like TikTok and YouTube.
How the Packers are tracking the fan journey, creating opportunities for touchpoints and connection, and rewarding fan engagement.
Advice for marketers that are just getting started or who want to go into the sports industry.
What the future of fan marketing will look like across digital channels and in the stadium.

Tuesday Sep 12, 2023

In this special episode, Ben speaks with Max Koziolek, Co-founder and CEO of Spectrm, who will be taking over hosting duties as Ben departs. They discuss how far the podcast has come and where it's going, and how it's created a space to spotlight retention marketers and the work they do. They also talk about lessons learned from the guests, how messaging is the way in which we build relationships today, and what the future of retention marketing will be with the integration of AI and LMMs.
Topics discussed:
How far the One to One Consumer Marketing podcast has come over the past 40 episodes, and where the podcast is headed into the future.
Why Spectrm created a podcast and how it provided an opportunity to put retention marketers in the spotlight.
Lessons learned from the various podcast guests around orchestration, customer journeys, and career development.
The importance of retention marketing, and how podcast guests are using orchestration, data collection, and experimentation to build relationships with customers.
Why messaging is the modern channel through which to build relationships with brands and with each other.
The vision for the future of brand messaging, and how it will grow with the integration of AI and LLMs.

Tuesday Aug 22, 2023

Ben speaks with Yoav Banai, Group VP Retention & Engagement at Warner Bros. Discovery Streaming, a premier global media and entertainment company. They discuss the increasing shift to retention marketing in the industry, and the ways in which they’re building long-term relationships with customers by encouraging health consumption, getting to know them and the content they watch, and offering the right messaging at the right junction. They also discuss how Warner Bros. Discovery is taking a true omnichannel approach to lifecycle marketing, how they measure engagement and activity, and how the future of consumer marketing will become one ongoing interaction with a brand.
Topics discussed:
The path of Yoav's career, from time in the military, to practicing capital markets law, to focusing on strategy in the streaming music industry, to now leading retention and engagement at Warner Bros. Discovery.
The current state of consumer marketing, which is seeing a large-scale shift to retention, and how Warner Bros. Discovery is creating a holistic, customer-centric experience across the entire organization.
How Yoav thinks about retention and lifecycle marketing, and how it's focused on what the customer needs, finding the right moment to offer recommendations or support, and being ready with messaging at the different junctions of the journey.
How to listen to customers, find their triggers, influence behaviors at pivotal moments, and get them to take the right action.
How Warner Bros. Discovery measures retention by looking at customer activity, what type of content they're watching, and how much of a commitment they're making to certain content.
Why Yoav doesn't have a plan for "the average customer," and instead looks at how to shift and influence behavior for specific users to build long-term relationships.
How they're pursuing a true omnichannel approach for the customer, including focusing more on the message rather than the channel, and how they’re keeping messaging consistent, from emails to error messages.
Advice for marketers that includes starting from the "why" of what you're doing, and the importance of measuring what matters.

Monday Aug 07, 2023

Ben speaks with Natalie Miles, Head of Marketing Technology & Personalization at Chime, a financial technology company that offers banking services. They discuss how personalization at scale begins with well-managed data, what benefits focusing on retention can bring to lifecycle marketing, and how to better collaborate with cross-functional teams. They also discuss common challenges to consumer marketing, including how to stand out among commoditization, how to better measure channels, and how to prepare for the future of consumer marketing.
Topics discussed:
Why good data management, data hygiene, and less fragmentation across records are the foundation for building personalization at scale.
Why lifecycle marketing "shines" when companies focus on retention, and how you can better leverage your channels with a focus on retention.
The common challenges to consumer marketing today and how brands can stand out among a commoditized landscape.
Why marketers shouldn't get hung up on superficial channel metrics and why you need the right channels to deliver the right message so that customers take further action.
What new technology will impact marketing, like using automation to make testing and experimentation faster and more scalable.
Advice for consumer marketers, including the need to be able to speak the language of other teams since marketing is so cross-functional.
The future of consumer marketing, which will include more consolidation of tools, more cross-functionality, and the rise of marketing generalists.


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